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Casualties is an Alliance guild currently residing on Magtheridon (EU).  We have around 100 members comprised of players and alts.  We’re involved in all aspects of the game:

  • Raiding & Dungeons
  • PVE Questing
  • PVP
  • Pet Battles
  • Gold Making
  • Achievement Hunting
  • Collections

We’re a mature, friendly and diverse guild comprised of 18+ players from across Europe.  We have an active Facebook private group as well as our own Discord server which we use for guild communications.  of course they are also filled with all the fun and silliness that you’d find in any good guild.

We are actively looking for new members with the release of Legion and would love for you to come and join us!


Casualties was originally formed back during Wrath of the Lich King.  Back then we were a Horde Guild on the Bronze Dragonflight server  (which explains why all our old kill pictures show us with Horde toons!)

We started raiding with Ulduar and as you can imagine, we had a lot to learn.  We had a lot of fun but lived up to our name with wipe after wipe.  I cannot tell you how many times we died in Icecrown Citadel!  It’s a bit weird now being able to solo it when once even the mobs gave us lots of trouble.

But like anything, we improved the more we raided.  Rather than rely purely on perfect team compositions, week by week we worked on the strengths of our team to come up with our own strategies to down bosses.  By the time Cataclysm had reached Firelands we were making slow but solid progress.

Our greatest moment, however, came with the release of Dragon Soul.  We were still working on Firelands at the time, but despite only having 9 players, decided to give the first boss a try.  Imagine our surprise when we downed him… with 9 players.  Yes, it was a fluke and a first boss but it showcased Casualties growth both in terms of developing our own strategies and playing to our own strengths.

We raided solidly through Pandaria, even getting an “ahead of the curve” achievement for the first time.

Come Draenor, though, we were finding life on Bronze Dragonflight a little sparse and so took the decision to reroll the guild on a more populated server.  We moved to our current home, Magtheridon, and brought most of our players with us.  We continued to make solid progress, clearing all raids on normal, and progressing into heroic level as well

Now, with the release of Legion, we’re looking to take it one step further.  With some raiders who’ve been with us for nearly 10 years taking a break, we’ve got some new spaces in our raid team that we are looking to fill.