Gearing Up In Legion

With a lot of different ways to get equipment in Legion, gearing up can sometimes feel a little confusing.  Having geared up a couple of 110s so far I think I’ve got a good handle on what the most effective path to getting your characters raid ready is.  Obviously this is open to debate but if you find you don’t know what to do once you hit 110, then check out the list (ordered by importance) below.

Class Campaign

Completing your class campaign will see you unlock your third relic slot in your weapon which will make a massive difference to your ilevel.  You’ll probably be required to do a number of order missions as well as the odd dungeon or two.  Given that the order missions can take as long as a day each, it’s wise to make this a priority, although you’ll need to do it in parrallel as there is a quest to do 30 world quests and those need to be unlocked via the details below.


You need to be Friendly with each of the 5 major factions in the Broken Isles to unlock World Quests.  This actually takes less time than it first seems.  Questing through the zones will take you well past this.  However, given that with rested XP a single zone can take you to 106 alone, it’s possible that there may be one or two zones you haven’t even started.  Just quest until you get Friendly and then move onto the next zone.

You’ll unlock Suramar once you get to 110 but whilst higher levels of rep are a bit of a grind, you can reach friendly in about an hour just doing the intro quests

World Quests

Gettting your rep to Friendly will unlock World Quests.  Each day you’ll be offered a different faction to ‘represent’.  Completing four of these quests will unlock an emissary cache.  This will reward gear as well as some rare items such as unlocking the fox mount and possible legendaries.  However, aside from this you really want to keep an eye on gear quests.  Whilst you might be doing Azuna for your emissary quest that day, it’s possible that another zone might have a gear reward.

You’ll probably notice that most of the gear from both the caches and the actual world quests is around your ilevel.  However, it’s certainly worth doing them as there’s a chance for warforged / titanforged to proc.  I’ve got a load of really good 850s from this.

Remember that there are usually a load of other players doing the quest at the same time as you and so don’t put off certain quests because they are elite ones.

Once your ilevel starts heading into the 840s you’ll probably find that gearing from World Quests becomes less important but you’ll still find the odd decent upgrade.

World Boss

Every week there is a new World Boss (except when Withered Jim is two weeks in a row).  They’ll usually have a world quest associated with them.  However, the important thing to remember is that the bosses also have a chance to drop 850 raid quality loot.  I managed to get an 860 proc for me last week,


I put these low down on the list because if you are DPS they can be a pain to queue for.  I’ve also found that despite being a tank, I’ve had better luck from World Quests than dungeons and have levelled up my DK to 849 primarily using World Quests.  However, they are still worth doing and you can do all the above whilst queuing for a dungeon.

Normals give 805 gear, Heroics drop 825 gear and Mythics drop 840.  However, this can proc Warforged and titanforged as well.

You need to have an ilevel of 810 to queue for Heroics.

You can’t queue for Mythics in Dungeon finder but most of the guild would be up for these

Looking for Raid (LFR)

At 825 you can queue for Emerald Nightmare LFR.  That has 835 drops that could prove helpful

World Events

Each week there’s a different world event.  You should find an NPC near Violet Hold in Daralan offering a quest.  Depending on the week you might decide not to do these.  This week is battlegrounds and I don’t PvP so I skipped this week, but last week were timewalking dungeons.  Not only fun was it to do old Burning Legion Dungeons but we all got some decent gear out of it.  Plus, completing 5 of them for the quest rewarded a lot of us with 850 gear.

Seasonal Events

The Halloween event is currently running and with it comes a daily dungeon for killing the Headless Horseman.  He drops 835 gear as well as pets and a mount so it’s worth doing this, especially as it takes just a couple of minutes with most groups.

Crafted Gear

I’ve not done this (and hence last on the list) because Engineering is ridiculously hard to level in Legion, but depending on your profession it might be possible to craft gear for yourself.  I believe gear starts at 805 but if you unlock the Obliterum forge, it’s possible to level them up to 850.  If you are not sure, read up a few guides on your profession

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  1. Dan 23rd October 2016 at 11:34 pm - Reply

    Sorry dude but I’m gonna nitpick a few things. Not to be a tool, just to be clearer about stuff and save people from having to read about “…Violet Hold, in Daralan…”.

    World Quests section:
    “…This will reward gear as well as some rare items such as unlocking the fox mount and possible legendaries…”
    Small niggle here, but worth mentioning; the fox mount is the rarest mount in Legion. The item that begins the quest chain to unlock it has a *very* small chance to drop from caches, it is not ‘unlocked’ by unlocking World Quests. In the same vein, neither are Legendary items unlocked by unlocking World Quests, you simply have a greater chance of having one drop because of the extra Elites you’ll be killing and the caches you’ll be opening.
    I think it might also be worth mentioning at this point, I am not at all jealous that Adrian has the fox mount already.

    sp; Azuna should be spelled Azsuna

    World Bosses section:
    sp; Withered Jim should be Withered J’im, but, tbh, meh, even I don’t care too much about that one.
    “…the bosses also have a chance to drop 850 raid quality loot…”
    This is also a small niggle, I just feel the way it’s worded kind of suggests only ilvl 850 and above is raid quality, whereas there are definite benefits to some classes having their order hall 840’s 2, or even 4 tier bonuses, over the extra stats from higher ilvl but less balanced gear. Also, they don’t “have a chance to drop” ilvl 850 gear, they DO drop it, players just have only a chance at it dropping for them, and if it does it can proc as high as ilvl 880 Titanforged (like my cloak I got off the first World Boss, HAH!!!).

    Dungeons section:
    Dungeons are worth doing to get used to certain ‘Legion specific’ mechanics, especially heroics, not necessarily worth doing for gear at all, though, even the heroics. I found them useless for gear.
    Mythics are most definitely possible to queue for through the Group Finder, via the default ‘Dungeons and Raids’ tab > Premade Groups > Dungeons. There are always dozens of people here looking for people to help complete their Mythic keystone/s, just be prepared for the keyboard warrior abuse you thought you’d left behind in Cata’s ‘Zul’ patch to come back and haunt you…

    World Events section:
    “…Daralan…” … really…?

    Crafted Gear section:
    I haven’t ding’d exalted with Highmountain Tribe yet (will be happening in the next couple of days) but when I do, I will have the mats, skill, ability and generous fortitude to craft any Blacksmithing items the guild /pays/ needs me to.

    Here ends my critique. Please don’t be offended. I didn’t swear once….

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